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Technology Consulting

Struggling with wicked technology problems? Partner with us to solve your wicked technology problems, no matter what tech stack you run on.

Agility Consulting

Feel the pressure to build muscles to gracefully respond to market changes? Partner with us to become nimble at a sustainable pace.

DevOps Consulting

Want a power-up in your software delivery? Partner with us to shorten your delivery lead time without stressing yourselves.

About Ampyard

What makes Ampyard, well, the Ampyard?

  • The Ampyard Way

    We are professionals who are uncompromising about positively impacting the world and learning from it. This enables us to partner with our customers to discover things that were not possible before.

  • Our Mantra

    "Simplify Work. Amplify Outcomes." is the mantra that drives Ampyard every day. Our customers partner with us because we make their lives simple and improve their outcomes significantly.

  • Rich Expertise

    Professionals at Ampyard bring with them a rich on-field experience, along with a humble mastery of their craft. This means that the customers experience an easy and fruitful partnership with us.

  • Relentless Improvement

    At Ampyard, improvement is not a yearly activity. We look for chances to improve things every single moment. We also commit to make things better against all odds.

Clients and Past Affiliations

Who have our team members served before?

Our Amazing Team

The secret sauce of Ampyard

Kamal Raj Sekar

Lead Technology Consultant

Vivek Ganesan

Agile / DevOps Consultant

Wanna talk to us? Why not send us an email at info [at] ampyard [dot] com?

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